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Nintendo Announces SNES Classic

For those of you that might have missed out on a chance to own the official NES Classic that was released by Nintendo last year, fear not because you are getting another chance to own a classic Nintendo gaming system. Today Nintendo announced that they will be releasingĀ the Super Nintendo Classic and personally I am more excited about this one than I was for the NES classic. The release date is set forĀ September 29 and will be sold for $80 U.S. The Super Nintendo Classic will come with 21 games and include the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. Now if this isn’t Nerdgasmic I honestly don’t know what is.

Radical Super Nintendo Sneakers

Nintendo was the king of home gaming consoles back in the 90s and few consoles are more recognizable and memorable than the Super Nintendo! I remember playing awesome games like Star Fox, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and tons of others for hours with my friends. Well if you’re like me and have some really great memories with this iconic gaming console, then you’re probably gonna want to pick up a pair of these awesome Super Nintendo themed sneakers.

Hand Carved Working Micro SNES Console (Video)

It’s crazy to think that technology has come so far that we can now build gaming consoles at home for a fraction of the price they once were, and a fraction of the size. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a must have for every kid that grew up in the early 90s and allowed us to play some of the most iconic games to date. Well one guy found a way to make a tiny version of this awesome gaming console and he makes it look so easy. Now I want one.

Mega Drive Mini NOT An Official Sega Console

So recently we saw Nintendo officially announce the release of the NES mini. Shortly after there were tons of reports going around that Sega was getting back into the console war with Nintendo by releasing a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive mini. I hadn’t actually gotten a chance to read up about it until today when I saw another interesting article put out by Kotaku. Turns out the Sega Mega Drive is nothing more than a cheaply made emulator box that has actually been around for years.

SNES Controller For Your Smart Phone (Video)

Remember the golden days of gaming back when the games and game systems were simple? Well now you can relive those awesome days of gaming with this great new product that can be used with most smart devices. It’s called The SNES30 and it’s a bluetooth gaming controller and smartphone holder. Relive your nostalgia and take it where ever you can take your smart phone and other devices. This thing looks awesome and I might just have to get one.