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PlayStation Classic Video and Details

Yesterday Sony joined the classic mini console craze by announcing the release of the PlayStation Classic which will come pre-loaded with 20 original PlayStation games. The PlayStation classic is set to release this Holiday season (December 3) and will cost $99.99 USD ($129.99 CAN, $149.99 AUD). This new retro-gaming console looks exactly like a scaled down version of the original gray PlayStation released back in 1994. The major problem with these classic consoles that have become so popular lately, is actually trying to find one in stores. However, the PlayStation classic is currently up for pre-order right now and we have the info on how you can reserve yours. 

Ghost of Tsushima E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer

I first heard about Ghost of Tsushima back in December of last year when a teaser trailer was released during Paris Games Week. If you haven’t seen it or want to watch it again, then just Click Here to check it out. Since then I have been super excited to see more of this game and Sony finally came through with an awesome 9 minute gameplay trailer at this year’s E3. Personally I have been waiting for a detailed, open world, Samurai game to come to either consoles or PC for a long time. Ghost of Tsushima looks absolutely beautiful and I think Sony and Sucker Punch (developer) have really figured out the keys to making a game like this great. I can’t wait to battle enemies armed with my katana and code of honor.

Spider-Man E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer

For the last couple of years Sony has been teasing us with this amazing looking Spider-Man game. There is so much anticipation surrounding this game that they couldn’t possibly live up to all the hype…right? Well thankfully for fans it looks like this game is going to deliver on everything that it has promised and more. For those of you that have followed this page over the years, you know that I am a HUGE Spider-Man fan and can be very critical of how the web head is treated at times. However, this game really does look amazing, so much so in fact, that I am going to be upgrading to the PS4 Pro specifically for this game. A lot of people were able to get their hands on the demo at E3 and everyone is raving about it.

Venom Official Trailer #2

So it’s finally here and we get our first real look at Venom himself in this second official trailer. Lord knows that I am a huge Spider-Man fan and the fact that Venom is getting his own movie that does not include the web head really kills me inside. The first trailer that was released wasn’t very impressive, but this second trailer really gives a lot more personality to Eddie Brock and we finally get to see Venom. As much as I want to hate on this movie I honestly can’t. I think Tom Hardy is perfect for Eddie Brock, I love the way Venom looks in this new trailer, and even the use of a different voice for Venom is a great choice. I think this second trailer may have actually made me look forward to this movie…

Sony Getting Ready to Screw Up Venom

Last week Sony announced that they will be moving forward with plans to produce a stand alone Venom movie that will be the catalyst for an entire Marvel themed, cinematic universe. Currently Sony owns the movie rights to many Marvel characters and they want to cash in on the popularity of them before it is too late. However, as a fan I think I would much rather see them give the rights back to Marvel instead of making another terrible flop like the Fantastic Four, Spider-man 3 (which contained a terrible Venom) or all of the Amazing Spider-Man movies.

The Last of Us Part II Trailer (Video)

This week there has been some excited announcements made in the gaming world. One of this biggest and most exciting announcements came from Sony and the release of one of the most anticipated games of the past 2 years. That’s right, The Last of Us 2 is officially on it’s way but that’s not all. Sony actually had a pretty amazing looking trailer ready for gamers to view and it was just released today. This trailer is gritty and artistic very much in line with what we have come to know and love from The Last of Us.

Get A NEW PS4 Slim or Xbox One S for $175

Hey Nerd Nation, have you guys been thinking about upgrading your game console to either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4 Slim? If you have been then now is actually a really good time to do it because, you can get one of these new consoles from GameStop for only $175 US. If you currently own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then you can take it to a GameStop near you and trade it in for a $125 credit towards the purchase of a new console. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

No Skyrim MODS for PS4

What the hell are you doing Sony? For the last 3 years you have been on top of the gaming world with the success of the PlayStation 4 and just plain being about the gamers. Now it seems like the relationship you’ve created with your customers over the past few years is being flushed down the toilet in just a few short days. The PS4 slim and Pro look like nothing more than a blatant cash grab with most people being drastically underwhelmed, and now we find out that you are not allowing those user mods that we were all excited about for the remastered Skyrim game.