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Video Game Logic

It’s funny because as great as GTA V is there are still some things to be worked out. The logic of the police can sometimes be erratic at best, but it would be really cool if they had a bit more intuitiveness programed into them. Instead they just chase you down, ram into your car, and want you to give yourself up so they can shoot you. Actually how many of you out there are still playing GTA V? I took a break from it for a while, but returning to it is like seeing an old friend again 🙂

Gamer Guys

It’s true ladies, we are tired of being treated like objects…and my eyes are up here. Haha this made me laugh and I actually find it kind of funny when you think about it. I don’t think that if the roles were reversed that there would be very many guys out there who wouldn’t like the attention or getting hit on. Just goes to show some of the differences between men and women. Personally I love being a gamer and I love that gaming can bring anyone together, no matter what culture, background, or gender 🙂 Happy Friday Nerd Nation!!! 

Nice Try Math

Sneaky sneaky there math. How dare you try and disguise yourself as fun. Haha this one got me and it totally reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents use to try and get me excited about learning games or things like that. I tried my best to get into them but as hard as learning games tried they just weren’t ever even close to being as fun as regular video games. It’s funny because I find myself trying the same things with my kids these days. This is obviously just a calculator which makes it all the more funny 😉

Gaming Truth

Sure every gamer knows the importance of a good quality gaming headset is communicating with your team mates. However, I think we all will admit that the majority of us will hear insults and foul language directed at us and/or said team mates out of those things. One thing is for sure though, those insults sound damn good and the headset was worth every penny haha. Anyway, Happy Thursday Nerd Nation! Have a great one 🙂