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Video Game Logic

It’s funny because as great as GTA V is there are still some things to be worked out. The logic of the police can sometimes be erratic at best, but it would be really cool if they had a bit more intuitiveness programed into them. Instead they just chase you down, ram into your car, and want you to give yourself up so they can shoot you. Actually how many of you out there are still playing GTA V? I took a break from it for a while, but returning to it is like seeing an old friend again 🙂

Take Today Head On

Happy Monday Nerd Nation! I hope that you face down today like a bad ass Space Marine facing down some terrible alien monster. Oh and whatever you do make sure not to spill your beer while doing it, because that’s how everyone knows that you are a true bad ass haha. Seriously though I hope everyone has a great start to the week.

The Dead Electronics Walk

Haha Remember all the great times we had with our Gameboys? Well I guess it’s back for more. When I think of all the games and consoles that ended up in the garbage it makes me thankful that none of them reanimate and come back for revenge. Sure we had great times but eventually they stop working or you got broken in one of my many moves. Still, I wish I had held on to some of my old games and consoles though.

Game On Nerd Nation

There is way too much gamer on gamer hate going on these days. I can understand people having different preferences when it comes to what they choose to game on, but to hate on each other over it is just plain idiotic. I for one can appreciate all forms of gaming and love to chop it up with anyone who does any type of gaming. Now if only our passion wasn’t so damn expensive…