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BoxWars (Video)

Have you ever battled it out with someone using old wrapping paper roles? I’m sure most of us have at some point in our lives because those make great swords/light sabres. Well take that concept and turn it up to 11 and you have BoxWars! Box wars is essentially a cosplayers dream because you can use your creativity to create awesome looking armor and weapons, then use them for glorious battle, and finally destroy them without caring too much because it’s all made out of cardboard.

Cosplay Pool Party (Video)

I’ve never been to ColossalCon before but after watching this video it is now definitely on my “Must Go” list. Apparently there is an awesome cosplay pool party that happens at this convention and thankfully¬†beatdownboogie was there to capture it in all of it’s glory. You may not have been able to attend this year, but thanks to them we can all relive the amazing event in gorgeous 4K…Or in my case 1080. I mean honestly what could be better than booze, bikinis, and cosplay all in the same place?

Hero and Villain Body Paint (Video)

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the viral video and pictures of the female artist who has re-created amazing hero and villain art through body paint. If you haven’t then you’re in luck because we have posted a video of her work below. Her unique, one of a kind body paints look like they are straight from the pages of a comic book or manga. She has painted on some of the most iconic heroes and villains all using herself as the canvas.

DIY First Order Storm Trooper Costume (Video)

I think by now we’ve all seen one of the latest toy trends and that is taking a usually small sized action figure and super sizing it to a four foot tall monstrosity. I think the novelty of it would probably wear off pretty quickly although I’m sure they could make good display pieces for fans of their respective genre. So one genius dad figured out that these four foot tall toys could probably be modified to fit around his four foot tall son to create an awesome costume. The result is even better than I would have expected.

Route 29 Batman Killed in Car Accident

This is a sad story about a man who brightened the lives of sick kids and died while on his way back from a car show. Lenny B. Robinson also known as Route 29 Batman was a true hero to many as he visited sick children in local area hospitals dressed as the Dark Knight. He had spent thousands of dollars on his costume and car which happened to be a Lamborghini made to look like the batmobile. Lenny became known around the world thanks to a viral internet video of him getting pulled over by the cops back in 2012.

Cosplay of the Day: Hulkbuster

Happy Monday Nerd Nation! Check out this amazing movie accurate Hulkbuster Iron Man armor. I don’t know who is responsible for this but whoever it is has some crazy talent. The detail and color is outstanding but the overall size is what really impresses me. This thing looks massive which is fitting for a cosplay of this magnitude. For more nerdgasmic cosplay images, be sure to head over to the Facebook page and check out the Cosplay of The Day photo album!

Cosplay of The Day: Female Iron Man Body Paint

This Iron Man body paint probably won’t protect much, but it’s nice to look at. Actually I’ve always been impressed with people that can do body painting. It’s so hard to get the details right especially since none of the surfaces they are working on are flat. This is definitely a cool image and would love to see more from whoever this artist is. I’m not sure if this counts as cosplay, but I don’t mind if you don’t. For more Nerdgasmic cosplay images be sure to head over to the Facebook page and check out the Cosplay of the Day photo album.

Cosplay of The Day: Mary Jane

Being the huge Spider-Man fan that I am, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Mary Jane Watson. This cosplay is very beautiful and very sexy. The model really captures that beautiful girl next door look perfectly. Sorry Shailene Woodley, but this is how you pull off MJ. For more Nerdgasmic cosplay photos from around the web be sure to head over to the Facebook page, and check out the Cosplay of The Day photo album!