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Resident Evil: Vendetta Official Trailer (Video)

2017 looks to be a really great year for the Resident Evil franchise or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan. The Resident Evil: 7 Biohazard game is a critical and commercial success, so why stop there? Back to September of last year we first learned about a new Resident Evil/Biohazard CGI movie that was coming out titled Biohazard: Vendetta. To see that article and the first Japanese teaser trailer just click here. Fast forward 5 months and now we finally get to see the official trailer and hear the English dubbed voices.

Resident Evil/Biohazard: Vendetta Trailer (Video)

Capcom really seems to be pretty active with their Resident Evil/Biohazard brand as of late. They have remastered just about every game they ever made in the series and re-released them, not to mention Resident Evil 7 is making pretty big waves and it’s not even out yet. Though the latest game is garnering some criticism from fans for looking completely different than what we are you use to. If you were hoping for a Resident Evil experience featuring classic characters, zombies, and an old creepy mansion, well then you are in luck because Resident Evil/Biohazard: Vendetta has all of that and more.