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Video Game Themes on Beer Bottles (Video)

In my opinion nothing goes together better than beer and video games. Even after all the beer is gone you can still find a way to make the two work together. For example, in the video below a group of guys get together and bring to life some of our favorite video game theme songs using empty beer bottles. I’m pretty sure you will recognize all of the songs they play and it will definitely give you that feeling of nostalgia.

Call of Duty Craft Beer (Video)

So the latest trend in craft brewing seems to be naming beers after video games and I’m totally OK with that. In fact it makes me want to try some of these recent craft beers even more. Not that I really need an excuse to drink alcohol. So the latest gaming beer comes from an Australian beer company by the name of Black Hops Brewing. Recently they have teamed up with Activision to bring us a Call of Duty themed beer in honor of the up coming Black Ops III Release.

Klingon Warnog Beer

This is actually one of the coolest Star Trek themed items that I think I’ve seen in a long time. Sure there are hundreds of thousands of Star Trek collectables, but to my knowledge most of them have to stay mint in their package to have any real value. Well lucky for us the new Star Trek themed beer’s value can only truly be appreciated after it is opened. CBS Consumer Products and The Federation of Beer have announced the release of the new “Klingon Warnog” beer. It is set to ship in the US and Canada sometime later this year. Apparently it will be officially unveiled at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas sometime today.