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AWESOME Nerf Rival Minigun

This is the Nerf gun to decimate all other Nerf guns. I’ve seen a lot of customized Nerf guns and even plenty of Nerf mini-guns. My son even has one that is just the regular store bought version. However, this is the first time that I have ever seen a back pack, belt fed, Nerf mini-gun. This project comes from the Captain Xavier YouTube channel and is one of the coolest Nerf mods I have ever seen. Not only does this thing look intimidating but it definitely has the ammo capacity to back up that fierce look. Match the fire power and aggressive paint job, with Captain Xavier’s custom body armor and you have one mean looking Nerf player. 

R.I.P. Xbox Kinect

Well it finally happened, the somewhat popular yet controversial Xbox Kinect Censor has officially been discontinued by Microsoft. According to Gamespot, Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox Devices Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen shared the news in an interview with Fastcodesign. Microsoft has revealed that it has officially put an end to the manufacturing of the device but that the remaining Kinects still on store shelves will continue to be available for purchase. So if you’ve ever wanted a Kinect to go with your Xbox One or Xbox 360 now is the time to buy one. Personally I have never owned one and after Microsoft tried to shove it down our throats with the launch of the Xbox One, I never will.

Mint Box Mini Game System

The Raspberry Pi is definitely a modern marvel of today’s technology. Altoids mints are chalky over priced mints that give you good breath for a short while. Who knew these two things could be used to make an awesome mini gaming console? Technically the mints themselves don’t play any part in this build but the tin that they come in does. These two things combined with a chopped up Nintendo DS make an amazing little hand held gaming system, complete with classic games.

Get A NEW PS4 Slim or Xbox One S for $175

Hey Nerd Nation, have you guys been thinking about upgrading your game console to either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4 Slim? If you have been then now is actually a really good time to do it because, you can get one of these new consoles from GameStop for only $175 US. If you currently own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then you can take it to a GameStop near you and trade it in for a $125 credit towards the purchase of a new console. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Hand Carved Working Micro SNES Console (Video)

It’s crazy to think that technology has come so far that we can now build gaming consoles at home for a fraction of the price they once were, and a fraction of the size. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a must have for every kid that grew up in the early 90s and allowed us to play some of the most iconic games to date. Well one guy found a way to make a tiny version of this awesome gaming console and he makes it look so easy. Now I want one.

No Skyrim MODS for PS4

What the hell are you doing Sony? For the last 3 years you have been on top of the gaming world with the success of the PlayStation 4 and just plain being about the gamers. Now it seems like the relationship you’ve created with your customers over the past few years is being flushed down the toilet in just a few short days. The PS4 slim and Pro look like nothing more than a blatant cash grab with most people being drastically underwhelmed, and now we find out that you are not allowing those user mods that we were all excited about for the remastered Skyrim game.

Nintendo Announces Mini NES

One of the most iconic game systems if not the most iconic game systems in history is making a come back. People like myself who grew up in the 80s and 90s rejoice because a huge piece of our childhood is coming back to store shelves. Nintendo announced today that they plan to release a mini version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. For some reason this wasn’t something that Nintendo felt was worthy of showing at their E3 conference but I’m still glad that they are giving it to us.

Barbie Became A Game Developer

At this point my daughter is sort of out of the whole Barbie stage but I’m still tempted to get this for her. To be honest she never really was that big in to Barbies since she was more of a “tom boy”. However she might have been a bit more interested in them if this Game Developer Barbie had come out a little sooner. Still this is pretty cool and I’m very impressed that Mattel wants to encourage girls to not only play more games but possibly pursue a career in creating them.