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Nerdcast 2.0 Episode 12 (Podcast)

On this episode we discuss the goods and bads about the Power Ranger movie trailer, Talk about a possible Female Broly coming to Dragon Ball Super, and introduce you to an awesome Zombie board game you need to play! Also you can win a beta key for the “For Honor” closed beta. Listen and learn how to WIN! Please give it a listen, share with your friends, and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Be sure to let us know what you think about this week’s podcast by leaving us a comment below, on the Facebook page or any of our other social media pages.

Nerdcast 2.0 Episode 11

On this episode of the Nerdgasm Needs Podcast It’s a brand new year and a brand new show! Happy New Year Nerd Nation! On this episode I have an awesome Anime recommendation, my top Nerd movie picks for 2017, updates on what’s new here at Nerdgasm and info on the “For Honor” release and closed beta. I feels great to be back and I am definitely excited about what is to come in this new year. Please give it a listen, share with your friends, and let me know what you think Nerd Nation.

Funko Pop Atlas Titan/Pilot Unboxing (Video)

Last week we showed you the unboxing video of the Funko Mystery Box that you can only get at GameStop. If you guys missed it then just click here to check it out. This week we are bringing you the unboxing and review of the Titanfall Atlas Titan and pilot Funko Pop. If you are a Pop collector or a fan of the Titanfall series then you will definitely want to check this out. The Atlas Titan and pilot can only be purchased in the Funko Mystery box at GameStop.

Tech Review: UtechSmart Saturn Gaming Keyboard

This is my review for The UtechSmart Saturn Marquee Gaming Keyboard. Recently my Aula Gaming Keyboard stopped working so I was forced to purchase a new one. I did however do a review on that as well so if you are thinking about getting one or want to compare the two Click Here to see my review for that. I’ve had this new keyboard for about a week and my initial impressions are that I really like this product. However, I am not a PC gamer so my need and use of this keyboard may be different than your own. I run Windows 7 on my PC and it works no problem.

Nerdcast 2.0 Podcast Episode 006

Hey guys the Nerdgasm Needs Nerdcast 2.0 Podcast is back and better than ever. This week I talk about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final trailer, Halo 5: Guardians, Zombie stripper prank video, Call of Duty Black Ops Beer, and a Spider-Man fan series coming to YouTube. Also there is a big announcement for an event and chance for you the Nerd Nation to win some really cool prizes. Check it out, click the play button and share with your friends.

Call of Duty Craft Beer (Video)

So the latest trend in craft brewing seems to be naming beers after video games and I’m totally OK with that. In fact it makes me want to try some of these recent craft beers even more. Not that I really need an excuse to drink alcohol. So the latest gaming beer comes from an Australian beer company by the name of Black Hops Brewing. Recently they have teamed up with Activision to bring us a Call of Duty themed beer in honor of the up coming Black Ops III Release.

Nerdgasm Needs Podcast Returning

Hey guys we’re bringing back our Podcast Monday 11/02/2015 and want to know what you would like us to talk about. Leave us your comments, topics, suggestions, and questions and we will read them on the air. You can contact us by emailing us at, commenting or messaging on the Facebook page, Tweeting us @Nerdgasmneeds or going to the top of this page and clicking the Contact button on the menu bar. Every first and third week of the month we will have different topics to discuss and have all the latest news on what’s going on here at Nerdgasm Needs. We look forward to bringing you an awesome show and can’t wait to hear from you Nerd Nation.

Tritton Kama Stereo Gaming Headset Review

So as some of you guys may know, I am a pretty avid gamer and have been for just about my entire life. I have done some PC gaming in the past, but for the most part I have always loved and owned many different gaming consoles. For the time being my console of choice is the Playstation 4 which I got last November. So a couple friends of mine who are also very avid gamers and myself have decided to start live streaming our game play for you, the Nerd Nation. That being said I wanted to get a decent gaming head set that would sound good and wouldn’t break the bank. I know the PS4 comes with it’s own chat head set but lets be honest, it’s not very good and definitely isn’t good for party chat or recording quality audio. Besides, any excuse I can get to buy some new teach then I’m all over it.