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Hatsune Miku – Glass Wall (Video)

As most of you out there know I am a huge music lover and that goes for all different types of music. A couple years ago I was introduced to Vocaloids which are basically computer generated voice programs that sings what the user types. It may not be familiar to some of you but chances are you’ve seen one of the most popular Vocaloid stars in the world Hatsune Miku at some point in recent years. She is a huge star in Japan and increasing in popularity in the U.S. So much in fact that last year Lady Gaga actually used her for the opening act of her live shows.

Darth Punk Music Video

How do you make an already wildly popular theme even better? Add bright colorful lights and awesome music of course. Darth Punk is that latest visual and audio feast from InfectiousDesigner. It got me hooked immediately because it combines two of my favorite things in life; Star Wars and bright LED lights. Seriously, I’d add awesome neon lighting to everything if I could. Something about it just adds a really cool extra element as you can plainly see in the music video below.

Pray to Crom

Oh man I love the Conan movies and this meme made me laugh. Those movies were great in so many ways, but some of the dialog is what is really memorable. Personally they are some of my favorite movies (despite some of the cheesy dialog) and to this day I love quoting them. I know I’m not the only one. Anyway, I pray to Crom that you have a great Wednesday Nerd Nation, but if he does not listen, then to Hell with him! 

Anime “Gantz” Opening Theme

Ok, let me start off by saying that this is NOT an anime review and that this anime (Gantz) series is not for everyone. I just wanted to share the opening theme with you because if you haven’t heard it yet then you are really missing out. I’m a huge lover of all kinds of music especially anime songs, and right now this is one of my favorites. I have no idea what they are singing about, but this song definitely gets me pumped and I’m pretty sure that most of you (especially if you love anime) will love this opening theme song just as much as I do.

Hatsune Miku Mikuture App

So I found this cool app for those of you that are vocaloid or anime fans. Many of you will recognize Hatsune Miku who is a widely popular vocaloid star from Japan. She has her own cool app where you can take pictures with her in it like the one I took this morning. She has different outfits, different poses, and she is completely three dimensional. There is a lot of customization options for her like changing her facial expressions to pretty much anything you can think of. Anyway it’s a pretty fun little app and it’s out for both Android and IOS. Be sure to check out Hatsune Miku’s mobile picture app called Mikuture.

Dinosaurs Kick It Old School (Video)

I’ve been seeing this go around for the past few days and I had to check it out for myself. Benjamin Roberts made a cool little mash up using Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize and footage of the old “Dinosaurs” TV series. Not really two things I would imagine would go well together but it actually turned out pretty good. It’s funny because that song hits hard when it comes on, but watching these Jim Henson dinosaurs move around to it makes it hard to take seriously…

AOA Like a Cat

AOA reminds me of the South Korean version of the Pussycat Dolls, oh so tempting to watch but a little too embarrassing to play loudly in front of others. This is not only visually catchy, but the music is awesome too. Check out their video below and let me know what you think guys by leaving me a comment below or on the Facebook page! Thanks Bunny-Brains 😉