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Cosplay Pool Party (Video)

I’ve never been to ColossalCon before but after watching this video it is now definitely on my “Must Go” list. Apparently there is an awesome cosplay pool party that happens at this convention and thankfully beatdownboogie was there to capture it in all of it’s glory. You may not have been able to attend this year, but thanks to them we can all relive the amazing event in gorgeous 4K…Or in my case 1080. I mean honestly what could be better than booze, bikinis, and cosplay all in the same place?

Hero and Villain Body Paint (Video)

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the viral video and pictures of the female artist who has re-created amazing hero and villain art through body paint. If you haven’t then you’re in luck because we have posted a video of her work below. Her unique, one of a kind body paints look like they are straight from the pages of a comic book or manga. She has painted on some of the most iconic heroes and villains all using herself as the canvas.

NEW Psycho Pass Dominator Replica (Video)

If you guys have never scene the anime Psycho Pass then you probably aren’t familiar with the Dominator. However, I encourage you to check it out especially if you are a fan of anime. Psycho Pass is a cyber punk, anime, crime drama that is really well written. For those of you that have seen it then you will be excited to know that a fully functional replica of the Dominator will be available for purchase very soon. When I say fully functional, obviously it can’t actually shoot, but it does have all the other awesome features from the anime.

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men (Video)

There are many fan films based on the Dragon Ball universe out there, some are good and some are not so good. Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men has it’s short comings (which is to be expected from a fan film) but for the most part it is actually really good. The Fall of Men takes a bit of a grittier and somewhat more cinematic approach to what happens in the alternate future that Trunks comes from. It is definitely a testament to how far visual effects have come and what can be accomplished when you have passion for something.

The Guardian Shield Real Life Crime Fighter (Video)

So there is this guy who patrols the mean streets of Beaverton Oregon dressed as a super hero and calling himself The Guardian Shield. His outfit looks like a mix between Deadpool and the Incredibles. I don’t know what the crime rate in Beaverton Oregon is like but it’s still pretty cool to see someone trying to make their community a safer place. His disguise isn’t very good, especially since he asked the news crew not to use his real name, but his weapons and shield are pretty legit.

How Deadpool Spent Halloween (Video)

So as we all know by now Ryan Reynolds is set to appear as The Merc With A Mouth in the Deadpool movie coming February 12, 2016. Recently there was an awesome image that went viral of Ryan Reynolds hanging out in his Deadpool costume, with a group of kids dressed as the X-Men, on Halloween. The image its self is pretty cool, but the behind the scenes look at him hanging out with these kids is even better and definitely worth a watch.

DIY First Order Storm Trooper Costume (Video)

I think by now we’ve all seen one of the latest toy trends and that is taking a usually small sized action figure and super sizing it to a four foot tall monstrosity. I think the novelty of it would probably wear off pretty quickly although I’m sure they could make good display pieces for fans of their respective genre. So one genius dad figured out that these four foot tall toys could probably be modified to fit around his four foot tall son to create an awesome costume. The result is even better than I would have expected.

Nerdgasm Needs Podcast Returning

Hey guys we’re bringing back our Podcast Monday 11/02/2015 and want to know what you would like us to talk about. Leave us your comments, topics, suggestions, and questions and we will read them on the air. You can contact us by emailing us at, commenting or messaging on the Facebook page, Tweeting us @Nerdgasmneeds or going to the top of this page and clicking the Contact button on the menu bar. Every first and third week of the month we will have different topics to discuss and have all the latest news on what’s going on here at Nerdgasm Needs. We look forward to bringing you an awesome show and can’t wait to hear from you Nerd Nation.