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LEGO Officially Approves Voltron set for Production

Last year we told you about one LEGO builder who submitted an awesome Voltron Lion design to get approved for production. If you missed that story then just click here to get the details and see the image gallery. Well almost a year to the day Voltron fans and builder len_d69 got some pretty awesome news. The submission required 10,000 fan votes to be passed on to the next stage of the approval process. Now after receiving the required amount of fan votes, the Danish toy company has announced that it will officially take this amazing Voltron set into production and it will eventually be available for purchase to the public. I don’t know about you guys but this will definitely be one set that I have to own. 

Radical Super Nintendo Sneakers

Nintendo was the king of home gaming consoles back in the 90s and few consoles are more recognizable and memorable than the Super Nintendo! I remember playing awesome games like Star Fox, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and tons of others for hours with my friends. Well if you’re like me and have some really great memories with this iconic gaming console, then you’re probably gonna want to pick up a pair of these awesome Super Nintendo themed sneakers.

Funko Pop Atlas Titan/Pilot Unboxing (Video)

Last week we showed you the unboxing video of the Funko Mystery Box that you can only get at GameStop. If you guys missed it then just click here to check it out. This week we are bringing you the unboxing and review of the Titanfall Atlas Titan and pilot Funko Pop. If you are a Pop collector or a fan of the Titanfall series then you will definitely want to check this out. The Atlas Titan and pilot can only be purchased in the Funko Mystery box at GameStop.

Unboxing The Funko POP Mystery Box (Video)

Some of the most popular collectibles at the moment are the POP vinyl figures from Funko. You can literally find ones that represent just about any fandom you could be in to. Since I am a pretty avid gamer and am starting to get into the POP craze, I knew I had to pick up a Funko Mystery Box from Game Stop. They come with a lot of great stuff that any gamer would love to have. So I decided to do a quick unboxing video for you guys so you could see if it’s worth actually picking up one up for yourself or for someone else.

Gears of War 4 Lancer Replica

With the release of Gears of War 4 this month Microsoft decided to put out something a little different to go along with the game. For those of you that love the Gears of War series like myself, then you will be excited to know that you can now be the proud owner of one of the most iconic weapons in gaming history. That’s right, I’m talking about the deadly Lancer from the Gears of War series. Of course this is only a replica but any fan of the games would love to own one of these and it is surprisingly affordable.

Titanfall 2 POPS Coming Soon

I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t really gotten into the whole Pop Vinyl toy craze yet. However that is about to change with the announcement that Funko Toys will be making a line of Pops based on the up coming game Titanfall 2. Honestly there were probably only a handful of Pop figures that I thought might be kind of cool to have, but these new Titanfall ones are a definite must have for anyone that loves that game series or video gaming in general.