My name is Todd but I sometimes write and podcast under the name Tenacious-T. That was actually a little inside joke from back in the day, but I like the way it sounds and I’d like to think of myself as being a very tenacious person. I am currently a blogger and graphic designer. I designed and run this web page myself and though It’s not the most amazing web design ever, I am very proud of it. I have created this page called Nerdgasm Needs because I wanted to share, discuss, and even debate the things that I am passionate about with other like minded people. It wasn’t that long ago that the word “Nerd” had some pretty negative connotation to it. Now a days it seems that not only has that negative stigma gone away but people are actually starting to embrace their Nerdiness.

I have always been very much into comic books, video games, movies, collectables, anime, and a ton of other related things. Nerdgasm Needs is my outlet to share, post, and discuss the things I like and dislike about these different pop culture genres. By no means do I consider myself a professional critic, but I know what I like and what I don’t like. My only hope is that I can share a unique perspective and hopefully continue to present the “Nerd World” in a positive light. My vision for Nerdgasm Needs was not just to have a place where I could write my opinions, but to have a place where people could come and be entertained by all the great Nerd related things from around the world.

There are so many people out there doing amazing things that is not really covered by the mainstream media, but is just as cool if not better than what they choose to show us. Don’t get me wrong I still keep up with what companies like Marvel, DC, Sony, and Microsoft are doing, but I have a great love for the things that unknown artists, designers, writers, and developers are doing as well. I love what I do because it means that I never have to grow up and as long as you’re here at Nerdgasm Needs, you won’t have to either.

Welcome to the Nerd Nation!