NEW Overwatch Map “Blizzard World” Release Date

One of the most exciting parts about Overwatch is when a new map is released for our gaming pleasure. Back at Blizzcon 2017 it was announced that Overwatch would be getting a new map for players to battle it out on called Blizzard World. The map looks like a theme park based on all of the most popular games that Blizzard has developed. As exciting as it was to hear that this new map was on it’s way, no release date was actually given at the time. Well fear not Nerd Nation because Blizzard has finally let us know when we will be able to actually play at Blizzard World and it looks like it is going to be a lot sooner than we had hoped. I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited for this map!

According to the official Blizzard Twitter account the Blizzard World map will be coming to Overwatch on January 23. I honestly think that this map looks awesome and I can’t wait to actually play on it. However, one of the biggest draw backs to the latest Overwatch maps that have been released is that we don’t actually get to play on them very often. I have only actually played on the last 2 maps that have come out for Overwatch a handful of times, and we play the game a lot. I guess only time will tell how often the Blizzard World map will make it into the rotation. Even more exciting though is that Jeff Kaplan, head of development at Blizzard, said that more characters, maps, and events are on their way to Overwatch this year.

We here at Nerdgasm Needs are definitely excited for more awesome Overwatch content so be sure to check back here and on our various streaming channels to see our game play footage. So check out the video below to take a look at Blizzard World and as always let us know what you think of it Nerd Nation. Are you excited for this new map and do you think that it will become one of your favorites? Be sure to let us know you thoughts on this by leaving us a comment below or hit us up on any of our social media pages!

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