Live-Action Halo TV Series Still in Development

I recently wrote about the return of Steven Spielberg’s animated series Animaniacs that isn’t set to debut until 2020. If you missed that story just click here to get the details on that. In that post I mentioned that a Spielberg directed, live-action, Halo TV series was announced 5 years ago along with the Xbox One reveal. I also mentioned that because we’ve been waiting so long for it that I am not holding my breath on the return of Animaniacs in 2 years. In all honesty I thought the Halo TV series was dead in the water but it looks like there still may be some hope left after all. I guess shame on us fans for giving up so easliy?

According to a recent article by TV Guide the live-action Halo TV series is still very much alive. TV Guide was able to catch up with a couple of the bosses over at Showtime, during the Television Critics Association winter press tour and asked them about it. In fact Showtime President and CEO David Nevins said, “It’s still in very active development.” President of Programming at Showtime, Gary Levine also reiterated that the series is “absolutely still in development, still moving forward and [he’s] encouraged by what [they’ve] seen so far.” Again, I haven’t really given much thought to the fact that the live-action Halo series might still happen but it looks like there still may be a chance that we’ll finally get to see it.

No one was able to actually give an idea or timeline of when we will be seeing the Halo TV series but Showtime still seems to be very invested and excited about it. I guess only time will tell if this thing actually happens and if it was worth the wait. As always, we want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Are you excited to hear that the live-action Halo TV series is still in active development and do you think it will ever actually be released? Also what are you hoping to see in a Halo TV series? Be sure to let us know you thoughts on this by leaving us a comment below or hit us up on any of our social media pages!

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