Monthly Archives: November 2017

Legend of Zelda Rupee Cookies

Tis the season to be making lots of baked goods for family and friends. This year why not impress your nerd friends with some awesome and delicious cookies that look like rupees from the Legend of Zelda games. As we all know rupees come in many different colors and in this video from Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies series, we get a great recipe for 3 different colors and flavors. In this case green is Matcha Green Tea, blue is blueberry, and red is raspberry. Personally I think they could have added a bit more blueberry powder and made an awesome looking purple one but that’s just me. Honestly the blue looks great too. 

Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

10 years of Marvel movies has all led up to this. After all the waiting and speculation we finally get our first look at the third and possibly final Avengers movie. Who knows what will follow but one thing is for sure that the Marvel cinematic universe will never be the same after this next movie. The first official trailer for Avengers Infinity War dropped today, and from the very start of this trailer you get the sense that this is not going to be like the other Marvel movies that we have seen before. For the first time ever we get to see all of the Marvel heroes from The Avengers, to Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy come together in one epic movie. 

Overwatch Animated Short “Honor and Glory”

So far I have been very impressed with the Overwatch animated shorts from Blizzard. They have been really well done and look like something we’d see from Pixar Studios. This week was Blizzcon and for those of us that are fans of their games we were treated to some awesome new content. Some of that new content happened to be another animated short based on the origin story of the rocket-hammer wielding knight, that goes by the name of Reinhardt. Once again Blizzard did not disappoint and definitely delivered an emotional and entertaining back story for one of their most popular characters. Personally I haven’t played much with Reinhardt but after this I might.