Rick and Morty Old Spice Commercial

I was thinking about this and I sorta went back and forth about it in my mind. I feel Like Rick Sanchez is the type of guy that would totally sell out to a company to make some quick cash, but on the other hand he also seems like the type of guy who doesn’t place much value in money. Or at least not making it in the conventional sense. He doesn’t seem to care much about having money to do things on Earth so it seems sorta weird that he’d want to do an Old Spice commercial. Well despite how I feel about it (or any of us for that matter) a Rick and Morty Old Spice commercial is now a thing and it definitely does not take it’s self very seriously.

Honestly it is pretty funny and definitely fits into the many universes of Rick and Morty. It’s worth a quick watch especially if you are a fan of the series and considering that we may be in for a long wait until season 4. So check out the Rick and Morty Invisible Spray Old Spice Commercial and as always let us know what you think of it Nerd Nation. Would you like to see Rick and Morty used in other ads and if so which products would you want to see them promote? Be sure to let us know you thoughts on this by leaving us a comment below or hit us up on any of our social media pages!

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