Days Gone Trailer and Game Play Demo

This was a big year for E3 and for console gaming it’s self. One of the most exciting games to be shown off at this year’s E3 was the post apocalyptic, zombie game titled Days Gone. Now we’ve seen our fair share of games set in a post apocalyptic setting filled with infected creatures that want to kill you, but this one has definitely just raised the bar. Sony gave us a more in depth glimpse of the game with a 7 minute game play demo. The graphics look phenomenal and has a Last of Us feel to them, but unlike the Last of Us it looks like were are going to be able to explore this game in a more open world setting. The story and characters seem very engaging and there is no doubt that danger is waiting around every corner in this game.

Days Gone is an open-world action game set in the beautiful, high-desert of the Pacific Northwest two years after a pandemic has transformed the world. At this year’s PlayStation Media Showcase, we’ve unveiled a new gameplay demo that offers a more intimate glimpse into Deacon’s life as a mercenary in a world where almost everything wants to kill him.

Aside from the completely open world that we can explore there are many other interesting features that were revealed in this demo. For example there are other factions that will try to rob and kill you throughout the land, you can use items that you come across in the surrounding areas to set traps for your enemies, and even the wild life seem to have been transformed into deadly mutated creatures, that want to kill you on sight. All that combined with hoards of infected zombies (aka Freakers) that look like they can easily overwhelm players makes Days Gone look like a challenging game that could offer up hundreds of hours of entertainment.

As exciting as this game looks there still hasn’t been any word on when this game is going to be released. Days Gone is currently in the development stages for the PlayStation 4 and our hope is that it will be ready for release sometime in late 2018, but that might just be wishful thinking. Still the game looks amazing and we here at Nerdgasm Needs are sure that it will be worth the wait. So check out the game play demo video and separate trailer, and let us know what you think Nerd Nation. Are you excited for Days Gone and what other cool features would you like to see added to this game? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving them in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit us up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.

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