Yamcha Finally Becomes a Hero?

For those of us that are Dragon Ball fans there are two usual reactions when we hear the name Yamcha. We either cringe or just start laughing. He isn’t known for being much of a force in the Dragon Ball series. In fact, he has been made into more of a joke thanks to some pretty hilarious internet memes. Well, all that might be about to change with the release of a new Dragon Ball manga mini-series. It’s titled Dragon Ball Gaiden: Tensei-shitara Yamcha Datta Ken or just Dragon Ball Gaiden for short and Yamcha finally gets to be the powerful hero that he has always wanted to be. 

This series actually sounds kind of cool. It’s about a high school student (of course) who gets killed in an accident and finds himself reincarnated as Yamcha in the Dragon Ball Z comics. He uses his knowledge of the existing Dragon Ball mangas to train Yamcha in becoming the strongest hero in the series. Finally Yamcha gets a little redemption even if it is only in a spinoff manga. There doesn’t seem to be any signs that anything like this is going to happen in the current Dragon Ball Super anime series but you never know. Maybe now he can finally get a little respect from the Dragon Ball fan base although most likely not.

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the first chapter of this spin off manga series it is available (only in Japanese) for your viewing pleasure. Click here the check it out. As always we want to hear what you think about this Nerd Nation. Are you glad to see Yamcha finally get a chance to be a stronger hero or do you think he is more entertaining as cannon fodder? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving them in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit us up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.

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