Alien: Covenant Official Trailer (Video)

Finally we get to see the first official trailer for the latest movie in one of the best science fiction franchises, and that would be for the much anticipated Alien: Covenant. Personally I am a big fan of the entire Alien franchise (Yes even Alien 3 and the AVP movies) and Alien: Covenant is no exception. It placed eighth in my top 10 most anticipated Nerd movies of 2017 list, but after seeing this trailer I think I should have placed it even higher because it looks that good.

Alien: Covenant looks to have everything you could want in an Alien movie. Basically another unsuspecting space crew lands on a mysterious planet excited to see what they might uncover, only to end up wishing they hadn’t come here and eventually all dying. Not to mention we actually get see the Xenomorphs in this movie. Don’t get me wrong I actually really enjoyed Prometheus (no matter what people say about it) and finding their origins, but it’s always good to see the xenomorphs back on the big screen.

Alien: Covenant is set to hit theaters May 19 of this this year. So check out the official trailer for Alien: Covenant below and as always Nerd Nation, let us know what you thought about it. Are you excited for this next Alien movie or do you think this franchise should have stopped in the 90s with Alien 3? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving them in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.

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