X-23 Viral Clip (Video)

Logan is almost here and I am excited to see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine for the last time. However, in this latest clip for the movie the focus is on Laura Kinney aka X-23. Here we see what looks to be an amateur video of X-23 being held in a facility presumably where she was given her deadly claws much like Wolverine was. Unfortunately unlike Wolverine she is just a kid and she is not the only one being held captive in this video. Logan is definitely earning it’s R rating and this viral video is taking full advantage of it.

Also, the final scene in this video might look a little familiar to comic book fans. Logan hits theaters March 3rd. So check out the X-23 viral video and as always let us know what you think about it Nerd Nation. Are you excited to see Logan and what role (if any) do you think X-23 will play beyond this movie? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, on the Facebook page or any of our other social media pages.

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