Monthly Archives: February 2017

Xbox Announces NEW Game Pass

Over 100 great games. Endless play. That is what Microsoft is saying about their new Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass is to be a monthly subscription based program where Xbox One owners can play awesome Xbox One and Xbox 360 games as much as they want. So far it appears that there will be around 100 titles to choose from with some titles being added or taken away each month. The best part about this new subscription service is that it will only set you back $10 a month.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Trailer (Video)

One of the best and most unique games that was available early on in the life of the Playstation 4 was the Lord of The Rings inspired game called Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I thought it was a great game especially for something that was an original story coming from an already well established franchise. That game was awesome and the trailer for its sequel dropped today and it looks amazing. Check out the beautiful looking cinematic trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of War below.

Resident Evil: Vendetta Official Trailer (Video)

2017 looks to be a really great year for the Resident Evil franchise or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan. The Resident Evil: 7 Biohazard game is a critical and commercial success, so why stop there? Back to September of last year we first learned about a new Resident Evil/Biohazard CGI movie that was coming out titled Biohazard: Vendetta. To see that article and the first Japanese teaser trailer just click here. Fast forward 5 months and now we finally get to see the official trailer and hear the English dubbed voices.

X-23 Viral Clip (Video)

Logan is almost here and I am excited to see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine for the last time. However, in this latest clip for the movie the focus is on Laura Kinney aka X-23. Here we see what looks to be an amateur video of X-23 being held in a facility presumably where she was given her deadly claws much like Wolverine was. Unfortunately unlike Wolverine she is just a kid and she is not the only one being held captive in this video. Logan is definitely earning it’s R rating and this viral video is taking full advantage of it.

Nerdcast 2.0 Episode 13 (Podcast)

On this episode of the Nerdgasm Needs podcast I talk about my best and worst celebrity experiences at Comic Con, give you my thoughts on the good and bad of the Ghost Recon: Wild Lands beta, and talk about the official Iron Fist trailer for the Marvel/Netflix series coming later this year. Did you notice something familiar about the new trailer for it? Please give it a listen, share with your friends, and let me know what you think Nerd Nation by leaving me your thoughts and comments below.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Trailer (Video)

There is no doubt that DC are the kings of animated super hero movies and this latest one looks awesome! DC Entertainment has released the first trailer for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract which will show case the titans up against Deathstroke and the villainous organization the H.I.V.E. The trailer is action packed and the animation quality is on point as always. I definitely love seeing the Teen Titans in this form as opposed to the awful Teen Titans GO series on Cartoon Network.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Trailer (Video)

This looks like the year of Lego in the movies with the coming release of the Lego Batman Movie and now the Lego Ninjago Movie. Yesterday Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the new movie and it actually looks pretty good with some great humor in it that we’ve come to expect from Lego movies in general. I was curious to see if this would be a continuation of the Ninjago series that is on Cartoon Network or if it would be a complete reboot. Looks like they went with the reboot route.

Iron Fist Official Trailer (Video)

The official trailer for the Marvel and Netflix original series Iron Fist dropped today. Personally I have enjoyed all of the Marvel series that has come out on Netflix with DareDevil being my favorite so far. Iron Fist definitely looks good but the story bares a striking resembleance to a certain DC/CW series that shall remain nameless for the time being. Still I am excited for it and this trailer has a more action packed a unique tone to it, that sets it apart from the other series that we’ve seen.