Voltron Season 2 Second Trailer (Video)

The second trailer for the Netflix Animated Series Voltron dropped today and personally I can’t wait to start watching season 2. If you haven’t already watched season 1 I highly recommend that you go watch it before you start watching season 2. The whole series is really well done with great characters, great animation, and an engaging story line. Season 2 looks to be packed with action and might contain a few new surprises for the paladins. I have a feeling that this season is going to be better than the first.

Quote taken from Dream Works TV YouTube channel;

“Team Voltron has been scattered throughout the universe in the aftermath of a perilous battle with Zarkon, Haggar and the evil Galra Empire. Working to bring the lions back together to form Voltron again, the Paladins’ plan to defeat the Galra once and for all takes them across the universe in search of new worlds and unexpected allies. Find out if their plot to take down Zarkon succeeds when Season 2 of DreamWorks”

Voltron season 2 will be available for your streaming pleasure on Netflix in 2 short weeks. So check out the second trailer for season 2 of the Netflix animated series of Voltron and as always let us know what you think about this Nerd Nation. Are you excited for season 2 and what surprises do you think the paladins will encounter that they haven’t already? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, on the Facebook page or any of our other social media pages.

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