Logan Official Trailer #2 (Video)

Today wolverine himself (Hugh Jackman) gave us the honor of an extended look at his new movie Logan. The second trailer was released today and I am seriously having mixed feelings about it. There is a call back to the X-Men comics which is cool but it kinda seems like this movie is a bit different than we first thought. I don’t think this is a world where most everything has been destroyed as much as just the mutants have all been killed off. Second, the girl with Logan is definitely Laura Kinney aka X-23.

Now as exciting as this is I have a feeling that 20th Century Fox is going to try and pass the torch to this girl and make her the new Wolverine like they did in the comics. However, I have only one issue with that idea. I’ve only seen her in this short bit of the second trailer but personally I find her character very annoying and unlikable. I get that she is suppose to be a bit wild like Wolverine was at first, but it just doesn’t translate well with this child actress.

Still Logan looks exciting and I will definitely go see it in theaters because it is Hugh Jackman’s final movie playing Wolverine. So check out Logan Trailer 2 and as always let us know your thoughts on it Nerd Nation. Does this look like a good final movie for Wolverine and what do you think the future holds for X-23? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, on the Facebook page or any of our other social media pages.

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