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Vampire Chronicles TV Series in the Works

For those of you that grew up in the 90s a little movie by the name of Interview with the Vampire probably defined how vampires should look and act for you. At the very least it depicted them with a sense of class and refinement that other vampires movies hadn’t done. I personally loved the movie and have not seen a vampire movie that I liked more than that one since. Interview with the Vampire was one small part of a much bigger story called the Vampire Chronicles. Personally I have never read the books but fans of both the books and the movies should be excited to know that original author Anne Rice is working on a TV series for fans.

Disney’s Avatar Animatronic First Look (Video)

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been seven years already, but back in 2009 James Cameron’s Avatar was the biggest movie of the time. To this day it still stands as a bench mark for beautiful visual effects. Though the story was a bit on the weak side I still loved the movie and it looks even better running on a 4k TV which makes it like a brand new experience. Speaking of the Avatar experience it looks like we are getting very close to being able to experience the world of Pandora at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

First Official Cars 3 Teaser Trailer (Video)

Disney has released their first look at the latest Cars movie and I have to admit that I’m a little surprised on the direction it looks like they are taking with this beloved franchise. No doubt it will be filled with lovable characters and a heart warming story but this teaser trailer is actually pretty dramatic and dare I say even a little dark. As usual the animation looks spectacular and as an adult I honestly can’t wait to see what sort of direction Disney is going to take with this third installment of the Cars franchise.

Terminator Animated Trailer (Video)

As much as I wish this was trailer for a new animated series or even a video game, this particular piece of animation is actually a tool to help pitch a script for a full length Terminator movie. the trailer is titled Extermination and takes an in depth look at what life is like for mankind after Skynet and the machines have been defeated. Though some small groups of machines still exist the real threat in this post apocalyptic world is once again humans.

NEW Kong Skull Island Trailer (Video)

Check out the latest trailer for the new King Kong movie titled Kong Skull Island. There is a lot of action and giant creatures in it that seems to take away any and all the mystery that we saw from the first teaser trailer. Personally I think that it is starting to look more like an action movie featuring a gigantic gorilla. Not only that, but I’m going to be very honest about this trailer and say that it looks like an updated copy of 2005 King Kong movie starring Adrien Brody with a little Tropic Thunder thrown in.

Justice League Dark Official Trailer (Video)

Right now DC is on a serious hot streak when it comes to their animation. With the success of Batman: The Killing Joke and the announcement of the return of Young Justice now seems like a great time to release a NEW Justice League animation. Sure we’ve seen plenty of Justice League animations before but this is the first time that DC has given us an R rated feature length film. It’s appropriately titled Justice League: Dark and I already can’t wait to watch it.

Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer (Video)

Check out the first official trailer for Disney’s new live action Beauty and The Beast starring the beautiful Emma Watson as Belle. As always Disney does a gorgeous job of bringing the classic animated world to life give audiences a sense of wonder and mystery. My only real complaint is with the CGI face of the beast. I feel like it’s a little too unpolished and friendly looking. In just the few quick scenes the beast is in it’s sort of hard to take seriously.

Ghost In the Shell Official Trailer (Video)

The first official trailer for the live action Ghost in The Shell movie is here! Ghost in the Shell stars Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi. There is no doubt that this live action adaptation of the popular anime/manga has come with some controversy over it’s casting choice. However, both the cast and director has assured fans that this movie was intended to be as accurate as possible. I guess that remains to be seen but I have to admit that it is looking pretty damn good.