Daily Archives: July 14, 2016

Toothless Couch (Video)

One of the biggest animated movie and TV franchises has to be DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon series. Personally I have loved the movies a long with my kids and they have started getting into the TV series. Our favorite dragon (like most of the world) is of course Toothless. So what more could a super fan want more than a Toothless themed couch? I would definitely put this in my living room or just in my room and get rid of my bed…I mean in the kid’s room of course.¬†

Nintendo Announces Mini NES

One of the most iconic game systems if not the most iconic game systems in history is making a come back. People like myself who grew up in the 80s and 90s rejoice because a huge piece of our childhood is coming back to store shelves. Nintendo announced today that they plan to release a mini version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. For some reason this wasn’t something that Nintendo felt was worthy of showing at their E3 conference but I’m still glad that they are giving it to us.