Titanfall 2 Official Trailer (Video)

The first official trailer for Titanfall 2 has arrived. Finally we get our first look at the sequel to the massively popular first person shooter released only on Xbox One. In this trailer we see new Titans and the inclusion of an actual story. It definitely seems like they are trying to add a lot more personality to this game than the previous one had. The first Titanfall had you shooting guns, killing enemies, and piloting giant robots. However, this one seems to be a lot more story driven even going so far as to give the Titans an actual personality.

Description taken from Titanfall Official YouTube page; Pilot and Titan unite as never before in Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated Titanfall® 2. Featuring a crafted single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, players will step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot. Stranded behind IMC enemy lines, and against overwhelming odds, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan and uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out. 

titan-fall-2-trailer-02The Titans in this trailer look a bit different from the ones we saw in the last game. Honestly I think they are a bit of a downgrade visually. Obviously we don’t know what the capabilities are in-game but to me they look a bit skinnier and not quite as menacing. Maybe it’s just me but I was hoping to see some bigger, and more advanced Titans this time around. Still this trailer is action packed and looks exciting. Titanfall 2 will be available on October 28 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC.

So be sure to check out the trailer below and as always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. What did you think of the first official Titanfall 2 trailer and what else do you hope to see in this sequel? Let me know what you think by leaving me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.

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