NEW Xbox Consoles And The Future Of Gaming (Video)

Microsoft came out swinging at their E3 2016 conference. Two of their biggest announcements were the release of the Xbox One Slim and another mystery mega console code named Scorpio. Both are said to be part of the “Xbox One Family” and sound very impressive. These two new consoles (in theory) would definitely put Microsoft at the top of the console wars in terms of performance. However, I wonder is Microsoft getting a little too over zealous and once again shooting themselves in the foot like they did with the initial announcement of the Xbox One?

The Xbox One Slim will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One console, support HDR and 4k video, and come with a 2 TB internal hard drive depending on which model you get. It will also feature a slightly redesigned controller with textured grips on the back, increased wireless range, and Bluetooth support. If you decide to purchase this new Xbox One console you will get all of this for a starting price of $300 U.S. The Xbox One S is set to release sometime later this year. Way to go Microsoft that was an awesome press conference. Wait, there’s more?

xbox-one-slim-02Now that alone was pretty damn awesome and I think I would be completely on board if Microsoft had just stopped there. However, they announced another system set for a late 2017 release as well. It’s code named Scorpio and is said to be the most powerful gaming console to date. Xbox head Phil Spencer said the machine will run at a performance speed of six teraflops and support both 4K gaming and high fidelity VR. It sounds bad ass no doubt about that, but why are consumers going to buy any more Xbox Ones or an Xbox One S if this new super console is just around the corner?

It literally makes no sense to me why a company would put out three consoles to compete with it’s self unless we are about to see a huge price drop in the Xbox One. In which case I will be pissed because I seriously just bought mine last November. In fact I would think that most Xbox One owners would be pissed because in less than 3 years our “next generation” gaming console has become obsolete. So why would anyone from here on out be willing to shell out $500 or more to have the latest and greatest gaming console when a new one will come out, from the same company mind you, within 3 years? At this point you might as well become a PC gamer and give up on consoles all together.

xbox-one-project-scorpio-01Now I know this is probably going to catch a lot of hate especially from my fellow console gamers but look at what is happening. Microsoft is now not only in competition with other gaming console makers, but also with it’s self. Essentially you could just buy/build a bad ass gaming PC for a larger amount of money upfront that runs Windows 10, and never have to worry about upgrading hardware 3 years down the line. Correct me if I’m wrong but Microsoft has successfully made their own gaming console The Xbox One obsolete. Even with them telling us that all games will work for all systems at some point that will not be true. Otherwise there would be no point in buying a more powerful console.

It’s the same way things work now. An Xbox 360 game can play on an Xbox One, but a game developed for Xbox One that pushes the limits of that console can not work on an Xbox 360. Obviously we don’t know a ton about Project Scorpio but my first impression is that this is a big mistake and Microsoft is getting greedy. In my opinion this looks like the start of a very terrible trend in console gaming, and I am not willing to spend $500 dollars every 3 years for a new gaming console. I guess we will have to wait and get more information on Project Scorpio before we can make a final judgement call.

So check out the videos below to see the exclusive first look at the Xbox One Slim and the first details on Project Scorpio. As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. What do you think about Microsoft releasing 2 new consoles within a year and a half of each other and what do you think this means for the future of console gaming? Be sure to let me know what you think by leaving me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.

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