Ghostbusters Animated Series On The Way

The latest Ghostbusters film has been met with a lot of mixed feelings. It seems that a lot of fans haven’t exactly embraced the all female cast. However, there is a lot of support being shown for the new film even from some of the original 1984 cast members. I guess it’s still a little too early to make a complete judgement call on it. Personally I am starting to come around a little bit and willing to give it a chance. Still, it’s definitely not what I was hoping for as a fan of the original 2 movies. Now, with the film only a few weeks away from release Sony has announced plans for a brand NEW animated series based on the Ghostbusters franchise.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Sony has officially announced plans for 3 new animated series being adapted from feature length films. The 3 series will be based off of the movies Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs, and of course Ghostbusters. If you remember The Ghostbusters have actually had 2 other animated series in the past with with The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters back in the late 80s and late 90s.

02-real-ghostbusters.w529.h529Melissa McCarthy and the rest of the movie cast have not signed on to be a part of the Ghostbusters animated series so it is possible that we will be seeing a completely different set of GhostBusters once again. There wasn’t much detail given on the premise of the new Ghostbusters animated series other than it is set in the year 2050 and they will travel the world in search of the paranormal. The series is set to debut sometime in 2018 so we still have a bit of a wait on our hands. Ghostbusters staring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, will hit theaters July 15.

As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Are you excited for more Ghostbusters and what do you think you would like to see from a new animated series? Actually, are you interested in seeing an animated series based off the Ghostbusters again at all? Be sure to let me know what you think by leaving me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on the Twitter page @Nerdgasmneeds.


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