Daily Archives: June 10, 2016

Over 200 Artists Remake Episode Of Dragon Ball (Video)

I’m not as much of a fan of the original Dragon Ball series as I am of Dragon Ball Z but this is still pretty cool. Over 200 different artists came together to re-create an episode of the original Dragon Ball series. I’ve always loved projects like this because you get to see so many different art styles used to make one amazing piece of art. Some are very detailed while others are a bit more simplistic in their expression. However, any fan of the Dragon Ball series will want to check this out.

COD: Infinite Warfare Box Art Change

So there has no doubt been a lot of controversy since the first official trailer was released for the latest Call of Duty game titled Infinite Warfare. If you haven’t seen that trailer or want a reminder of what all the controversy was about then you can watch it by clicking here. Basically people were calling it a Halo rip off and were angry because it strayed too far away from what fans love about Call of Duty. Well someone over at Activision must have been paying attention because the spacey box art has been officially changed.