Daily Archives: March 8, 2016

Darth Maul: Apprentice Fan Film (Video)

I have seen a lot of Star Wars fan films and I’m just a huge Star Wars fan in general. I have to say that Darth Maul: Apprentice is probably the best Star Wars fan film that I have seen so far. There have been some really good ones but this one stands above the rest for many many reasons. With the success of The Force Awakens and the popularity of Star Wars at an all time high, this film fits in perfectly with the many stories that come from a galaxy far far away.

Gaming Live: The Division Full Game

Hey Nerd Nation, The Division is up and running and we are streaming live! The stream starts now so be sure to Click Here or on the Gaming Live button on the menu bar at the top of the page. If you guys have any comments, questions, or tips feel free to hit us up on the chat feed located below the live stream player. We love to hear from you guys and you help make our gaming experience more fun. Anyway, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy some awesome game play on us.