Judge Dredd Superfiend (Video)

Judge Dredd Superfiend is an animated short film directed by Adi Shankar who also directed the 2012 Dredd movie. I’ve never actually read any of the Dredd comics but I’ve heard that they can get pretty crazy. Well this animated movie must follow in it’s footsteps because it is definitely out there. I did love the movie though and found this short film pretty entertaining. I have to warn you that this short film is not for the weak. There is lots of animated blood and gore but if you like Dredd and stylistic animation then you will probably really enjoy this.

The animation of this short film is not my favorite but I can definitely appreciate it. It sort of reminds me of a Gorrilaz music video or a show that would have been on MTV’s Oddities. Bonus points for anyone that remembers that block of television programming. However, the story is pretty disturbing and would be even more so if it wasn’t for the cartoonish art style and bits of humor thrown in. However, it being a Dredd film you kind of expect it to be pretty brutal.

judge-dredd-superfiend-02It’s cool to see director Adi Shankar still invested in the Dredd universe. Most fans of his movie are hoping that at some point we will get a sequel. The most promising news comes from an online petition to get a Dredd series picked up by Netflix, Amazon, or other streaming services. If you are interested in reading or signing the petition then just Click Here. I think an on going series would be awesome and could be done very well especially if Adi was attached to it.

Anyway, check out Judge Dredd Superfiend below and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Did you enjoy this animated short film and do you think this would make a good ongoing adult series? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on the Twitter @Nerdgasmneeds.

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