Negan Officially Coming To The Walking Dead

So for the last couple weeks the buzz about the Walking Dead (besides Glenn’s death) has been that they were holding casting calls for the villain Negan. It was speculated earlier this year that he might show up in this season which looks like it will happen most likely as a season finally cliff hanger leading into season seven. According to THR actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, The Watchmen) has been officially cast to play the most brutal villain in Walking Dead history.

I don’t really follow The Walking Dead comics, but have read enough to know that Negan is probably the worst, most deadly villain that Rick and the group have faced so far. SPOILER ALERT… If you’ve read the comic then you know if Glenn isn’t dead now then he sure as hell will be by next season. There is still no official word on how Negan will make his first appearance but like I said before it will most likely be at the end of season six.

As always, I want to hear for you Nerd Nation. Are you excited to see Jeffery Dean Morgan cast as Negan and what do you think will happen to Rick and the crew? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on the Twitter @NerdgasmNeeds.

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