Hatsune Miku – Glass Wall (Video)

As most of you out there know I am a huge music lover and that goes for all different types of music. A couple years ago I was introduced to Vocaloids which are basically computer generated voice programs that sings what the user types. It may not be familiar to some of you but chances are you’ve seen one of the most popular Vocaloid stars in the world Hatsune Miku at some point in recent years. She is a huge star in Japan and increasing in popularity in the U.S. So much in fact that last year Lady Gaga actually used her for the opening act of her live shows.

Glass wall isn’t necessarily a new song since it was released early last year, but I still love it and I can totally relate to how the writer of this song felt. Essentially Glass Wall is dub step, but for those of you that aren’t really into dub step it has a great hook and melody. It’s not hard on the ears, let’s just put it that way. The lyrics are actually pretty sad as Hatsune Miku wishes to be with her love but the Glass Wall keeps her from being able to do that. Instead she will sing out her feelings of love and sadness.

Hatsune-miku-002The lyrics are in English so I know some of the Hatsune Miku purists will not like it, but I enjoy both the English and Japanese songs from Hatsune Miku. The original writer known only as Guitar Hero Piano Zero has stated that he wrote the song for his girlfriend, based on their experiences in a long distance relationship. Again, I can completely relate to what this is like. Glass Wall can be found on the album Love + Loss.

So check out Glass Wall by Hatsune Miku and let me know if you have ever been in a situation that is similar to what she is singing about is this tragic yet awesome song. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on Twitter @Nerdgasmneeds.

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