LEGO Nexo Knights (Video)

I’m not a huge LEGO fan although I do like a lot of the Lego Marvel stuff. However, when it comes to their original series and sets I just haven’t been super impressed with them. My kids are actually more into the Mega Blocks Halo sets and I am too. I think I might be changing my mind though because LEGO has 14 new construction sets, a mobile app and an animated series on their way, and I think I have to have them all. It’s called Nexo Knights and they are futuristic knights that fight magical monsters, using magical vehicles, and weapons…NERDGASM!!!

lego-nexo-knights-02I know what you guys are thinking, this sounds almost exactly like Ninjago and Legends of Chima, but it’s not the same. These are knights we’re talking about! Honestly, this reminds me of an 80s cartoon that I use to love as a kid called Visionaries. They were knights in the future fighting other knights while using magical weapons and powers. I loved the show and had almost all the toys. Anyway, Nexo Knights tells the tale of a young group of newly graduated knights (not ninjas) battling against an evil jester who was changed by evil magic.

lego-nexo-knights-03My first impression of the sets and figures is very good. I love the bulky armor on the knights and the magical energy weapons. The castle and vehicle sets look very detailed and honestly, who the hell doesn’t want to joust with futuristic knights riding on a hover horse? Truthfully, I can’t wait for this series and these sets to come out…to get them for my kids of course. LEGO Nexo Knights will be hitting the shelves sometime early 2016.

Check out the LEGO Nexo Knights trailer below and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Are you excited for these new sets and series or do you think it’s the same old thing they’ve already done? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit my up on Twitter @nerdgasmneeds.

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