Daily Archives: October 27, 2015

Halo 5 Mega Bloks Commercials (Video)

In honor of Halo 5’s release I thought I would show you guys some cool recreations of the famous Master Chief vs Locke commercials from a while ago. If you guys aren’t familiar with the original commercials that I am talking about then just Click Here to check them out. These were pretty awesome teasers for the game and at the time we were still about 7 months away from the actual launch. This time we get to see the infamous ad campaign re imagined using Halo Mega Bloks figures.

DIY First Order Storm Trooper Costume (Video)

I think by now we’ve all seen one of the latest toy trends and that is taking a usually small sized action figure and super sizing it to a four foot tall monstrosity. I think the novelty of it would probably wear off pretty quickly although I’m sure they could make good display pieces for fans of their respective genre. So one genius dad figured out that these four foot tall toys could probably be modified to fit around his four foot tall son to create an awesome costume. The result is even better than I would have expected.