Daily Archives: October 16, 2015

Benson’s Idea of Cool

Personally I love Regular Show on Cartoon Network and Benson is one of my favorite characters. This is one of the funniest quotes to come out of his mouth. This is from Season three episode eleven called Under The Hood where Muscle Man is accused of spreading graffiti all over the park and Mordecai and Rigby get him fired. Of course after he is fired they find out that it wasn’t actually him but not before Benson delivers this famous line. Makes me laugh every time.

Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

For those of you that ride motorcycles and love video games then this is probably a must buy for you. Created by NECA and approved by the Department of Transportation this awesome replica will provide style and protection for riders of all kinds. Imagine cruising down the road and looking like you’re about to wage war on the covenant as everyone stares in envy. I don’t even ride but I definitely would rock one of these no doubt.