Route 29 Batman Killed in Car Accident

This is a sad story about a man who brightened the lives of sick kids and died while on his way back from a car show. Lenny B. Robinson also known as Route 29 Batman was a true hero to many as he visited sick children in local area hospitals dressed as the Dark Knight. He had spent thousands of dollars on his costume and car which happened to be a Lamborghini made to look like the batmobile. Lenny became known around the world thanks to a viral internet video of him getting pulled over by the cops back in 2012.

lenny-robbinson-route-29-batmanSadly he was killed while on his way back from a car show in Maryland where he showed off his custom Batman themed Lamborghini. Apparently he was having trouble with the car and pulled over on interstate 70. He stopped on the shoulder but was still partially in the fast lane when he got out to check the car. Sadly another car struck the back of his batmobile pushing the car into him. Lenny B. Robbinson was pronounced dead at the scene. He was only 51 years old. Police are still currently investigating the crash but so far have not charged the other driver with any criminal charges.

It’s a sad story, but thank you Lenny Robinson for being such an awesome inspiration and making the world a better place while you were here. You truly lived up to the name Batman and to many I’m sure you were their personal hero… Check out the viral video below of the police stop that made him famous. He’s such a nice guy that the cops even had to take a couple pictures of him dressed as the caped crusader.

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