Gotham Cops Are Dumb (Video)

Ok let me preface this by just coming out and saying that I have never been a fan of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series. I will admit that it started out strong with Batman Begins, but after that I felt it just went down hill. The Dark Knight had some decent moments and Heath Ledgers’ performance as the Joker pretty much saved the entire thing. However, the Dark Knight Rises was just terrible in my opinion. The video below is proof that it had giant plot holes and presents it in a pretty hilarious way.

So for me The Dark Knight Rises was the worst film of the entire series. The minute I saw Bane and heard him speak I knew it was going to be pretty terrible. This Real Fake History video comes from Machinima and is essentially a fake documentary or mockumentary if you prefer. It tells the heroic story of police commission Jim Gorgon and his terribly planned triumph over the much more heavily armed and better prepared Bane.

gotham-cops-are-dumb02I mean lets be honest, sending the entire poorly armed Gotham police force down into the subway tunnels was just a plain horrible idea. Also, I always wondered why Bane’s army hardly used their guns and didn’t use their armored vehicles to kill all the cops when they were standing right in front of them. Never made much sense to me and just further solidifies my point that it’s just not a good movie.

Anyway, check out The Dark Knight Rises: The Battle of Gotham City Real Fake History video and tell me what you think Nerd Nation. Did you ever notice these giant plot holes and after watching this does it change your mind at all about the movie. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or Tweet me @Nerdgasmneeds.

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