Arkham Knight 1989 Batman Movie Pack Trailer

So if you guys haven’t checked out the last installment of the Batman Arkham series then now just might be a great time to do that. Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for a couple of months and has already seen some great DLC, but the best is yet to come. If you are a fan of the 1989 Tim Burton films then you are going to love this new batmobile track and skin pack. Now you can make the batmobile from the game look like the 1989 batmobile (which I think is one of the best designs ever) and Bats himself can where the 89 movie costume.

The batmobile tracks look like they are from scenes straight out of the two movies including penguins lair from the second Burton film. The 1989 movie pack and Bat-Family Skins pack is out now for those that purchased the season pass or can be purchased individually for $1.99 each. The Bat-Family Skins pack is cool too and gives you alternate costumes for Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman.

So check out the awesome trailer below for Batman: Arkham Knight and the 1989 Movie Pack and also feel free to get excited about the little teaser for the next DLC Rocksteady will be releasing. As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Are you excited to play as Batman from the Tim Burton movies or do you think you’ll pass on it? Also what do you think about the next DLC pack that is coming out? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or tweet me @nerdgasmneeds.

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