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COD: Black Ops III Zombie Auditions (Video)

Check out James Hetfield, Nolan North, iJustine, Roy Hibbert, M. Shadows and Steve Blum audition to become a zombie in the up coming Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It’s pretty entertaining but it’s actually for a good cause also. The commercial has it’s funny moments but it’s more to let you know that you (or I) can win some pretty cool prizes and help out our veterans. Not to mention you could be immortalized as one of the undead in the actual Black Ops III game.

Transforming Optimus Prime Cake (Video)

I swear man, we are in the age of pretty much whatever you want you can have. Things like this didn’t exist in the 80s or early 90s when I was a kid, but you can bet your ass I would have given a testicle for a birthday cake like this…Actually, come to think of it I don’t think that is a very wise trade off. Sometimes my inner child makes crazy and outlandish statements on my behalf so I retract my last statement. So it’s not really worth all that, but this transforming Optimus Prime cake is still pretty awesome.

Gotham Cops Are Dumb (Video)

Ok let me preface this by just coming out and saying that I have never been a fan of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series. I will admit that it started out strong with Batman Begins, but after that I felt it just went down hill. The Dark Knight had some decent moments and Heath Ledgers’ performance as the Joker pretty much saved the entire thing. However, the Dark Knight Rises was just terrible in my opinion. The video below is proof that it had giant plot holes and presents it in a pretty hilarious way.

Darth Punk Music Video

How do you make an already wildly popular theme even better? Add bright colorful lights and awesome music of course. Darth Punk is that latest visual and audio feast from InfectiousDesigner. It got me hooked immediately because it combines two of my favorite things in life; Star Wars and bright LED lights. Seriously, I’d add awesome neon lighting to everything if I could. Something about it just adds a really cool extra element as you can plainly see in the music video below.

GTA V Hulk Buster Rampage (Video)

PC Gamers couldn’t wait for Grand Theft Auto V to make it’s way off the consoles and on to PC ports and it wasn’t just for the graphical upgrade. I think we all knew that the real excitement was going to being able to create awesome mods for the game. By now there are tons of mods out there for the PC version of GTA V but I found this one to be particularly awesome. I don’t know if Marvel will ever give use an open world game where we can destroy things in the Hulk Buster armor but thanks to¬†GTA X Scripting we get a small taste of what it might be like.

Real Life First Person Shooter (Video)

It’s crazy how people come up with new and innovative ways to bond with other people through technology. Things like Chatroulette, Skype, and other video chat services let us connect with people in different parts of the world that other wise we would probably never meet. As cool as that is, someone found a way to take it to the next level (see what I did there) and used those services to create an interactive first person shooter that people from all over the world could play.

LEGO LOZ Hyrule Castle (Video)

I’m always amazed by what people come up with using LEGO bricks. However, this replica of Hyrule castle from LOZ Twilight Princess pretty much left me speechless. The attention to detail is amazing and I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to build something like this especially without instructions. Amazingly enough 19 year old Joseph Zawada was able to do it on his own without the help of any instructions.

Spider-Man’s NEW Costume

While everyone is hoping to see a glimpse of the web head in the marvel cinematic universe, it’s easy to forget that he still exists in the comics. In the amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Spidey gets some new threads and I have to admit that I’m really loving the new look. The classic red and blue has always been my favorite look of his and this is very reminiscent of the original costume, with just enough variation to make it feel fresh and unique. What do you think Nerd Nation? Do you like his new comic book costume? Let me know by leaving a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.