Casey Jones Cast For TMNT 2

I have mixed feelings about this and I am going to start off with a bit of a rant so WARNING, Nerd Rage! Right off the bat, I really want to just say FUCK YOU Michael Bay. Casey Jones is a simple character and almost impossible to fuck up, but some how you still managed to do it! Why do you feel the need to make changes to characters that don’t actually improve on the character. Is there seriously a reason why he couldn’t have long hair and be a bit more reminiscent of what the fans want to actually see? Oh yeah…because Fuck us! Right?

The hair seemed like a simple case of “just leave well enough alone”, but for some reason they couldn’t. Anyway, I’m done with that, I got it out of my system and now it’s time to move on. Ok, so in case you missed it, Stephen Amell (Arrow) has been cast to play Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. In all honesty I actually really like the casting of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones because he is plays dark and bruiting so well, as we have seen from his time on the show Arrow.

stephen-amell-casey-jones-002It’s honestly not a terrible look, but like I said before the long hair of Casey Jones really wasn’t something that needed to be changed and, I think most TMNT fans would have preferred that it wasn’t. I’m sure there will be mixed reactions because Stephen Amell has gathered a pretty huge following and a lot of his fans think that he can do no wrong. I like him a lot as an actor and as a person. I know that he researches his roles and takes them very seriously so hopefully we will see a really awesome Casey Jones…Unless Michael Bay wants to change that too.

As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. What do you think about Casey Jones’ new look and do you think Stephen Amell will do him justice? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or you can always hit me up on Twitter.

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