Spider-Man Unlimited Mobile Game Review

Let me start off by saying that I am actually not much of a mobile gamer. I haven’t really found too many mobile games that have kept my interest for very long. However, I have been a console gamer for just about my entire life and PC gamer a bit back in the day. The last major PC game that I have played  for an extended period of time was Sims 3. Aside from that I have an extensive knowledge of console games, I know what I like and Spider-Man Unlimited…I like!

I have been playing this game on IOS so I’m not sure if there is an android version or what the differences are. There are many things that I love about this game. The stylized comic book feel of the graphics is the first thing that stands out about this game. It definitely gives it a very unique look and feel to the game, which makes it stand out from many of the other mobile games in it’s genre. Spider-Man Unlimited is a runner meaning your character (Spider-Man) continuously moves forward while the player controls his vertical and horizontal movements. I’ve played other “runner” mobile games like Subway Surfer and Sonic Dash but neither come close to the fun of Spider-Man Unlimited.

spider-ultiAs far as the controls go the developers have done a great job of giving Spidey a variety of movements. Usually games like this are very limited to moving your character side to side and jumping. However, Spidey can attack with punches and kicks, as well as web swing in certain areas. You will see very quickly that your reflexes have to be fast as the speed in which he runs increases that further you get into each level. Not to mention that there are a variety of obstacles that pop up through out the level increasing the difficulty. The level designs are nicely done and so far I really haven’t tired of them. I do think they could put more web swinging segments or possibly extend the length of the ones they have, but that’s more nitpicking.

The thing I hate about mobile games is that in my experience you have to spend lots of actual money to even be competitive in the game. With Spider-Man Unlimited that is not the case. I have been playing this game fairly consistently for the past two weeks and have not spent a dime. not to mention the actual game its self is free of charge in the app store. That being said I have earned several rewards from the game like different Spider-Men that could have been bought but that wasn’t necessary. I love the many different versions of Spider-Man that they have available in the game although there isn’t really much of a difference between them other than how they look, and some extra point rewards.

spider-unlimited01I’m not sure how many different Spider-Men there are to collect but right now I have 15 Including Spider-Man 2099, Superior Spider-Man, Ben Riley Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and even Spider-Girl Ashley Barton. So as you can see there is a large variety of web slingers in the game. Two of my personal favorites are Symbiote Spider-Man and Miles Morales which I don’t know if they have, but I am hoping that they do. I was really excited to get both Ben Riley Spider-Men and Superior Spider-Man was obtained through a special event that anyone could join.

If you’re a Spider-Man fan like myself then you will really have to give this game a chance. I found myself playing this game more and more as the days went on. The game play is fairly simple with enough variety and challenge to keep it from being too repetitive, and the excitement of getting a new Spider guy keeps you coming back for more. For a free to play mobile game I have to say that this is easily one of the best.

Spider-Man-Unlimited-3As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Have you picked this game up and what are some of your favorite features of the game? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on Twitter.

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