Red Daredevil Costume First Look (Video)

So right now the big water cooler topic for this week is most likely the Daredevil series on Netflix. Personally I have only watched the first three episodes, but I already love the show. So far we have only seen him in a very simple black outfit that doesn’t resemble Daredevil’s classic look at all. Fear not though because I got a couple really good first pictures of his new red suit for you and I’m going to give you my thoughts on what I think of the series so far. (Click on the Images below to enlarge them)

matt-murdock-131113So like I said I have only watched the first three episodes of the new Daredevil series. So far I think it is great and the production values far exceeded my expectations. The only thing I could really compare it to was DC’s own vigilante TV series Arrow on the CW network. I enjoy that show too, but I have to admit that it started off a bit rough. Daredevil on the other hand is very theatrical giving you the impression that you are watching a movie rather than a TV series (which is a really good thing). Though it still follows a typical series format I have to say that it combines all the great things from gritty crime dramas and super hero shows really really well.

There isn’t really any breath taking special effects that I have seen in this show as of yet, but the acting and camera work more than make up for that. I think a lot of shows and movies end up relying too much on CGI and miss some of the core elements that keep audiences engaged in their show to begin with. The writing is a breath of fresh air because comparing it to Arrow is like comparing apples to oranges. In the beginning Arrow had some really cringe worthy moments when it came to how the actors/actresses delivered their lines. I’m glad to see that Daredevil got this right from the beginning. The fight scenes are fantastic and I’m glad to see Daredevil isn’t completely invincible right off the bat. He’s skilled and tough, but still takes an ass whoopin too.

daredevil-131112As for the new suit I’m kind of on the fence about it. His helmet makes him look a little fat headed which could possibly mess up the entire profile of the character. Take batman for example. When he’s standing in the shadows his look and profile make him just as menacing as he is when he’s kicking bad guy ass. If Daredevil has a fat head it’s just gonna look goofy and awkward. Still, I am reserving my full judgement for when I actually get to see Mr. Murdock in action wearing his new suit.

All in all I think this show is great and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I love that they went with a darker and grittier style to this show instead of trying to make it too family friendly like I’m sure they thought about doing. Anyways take a look at the new pictures and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. What do you think of the Daredevil series so far and what are your thoughts on his new red suit? leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter. Oh and check out the motion poster for the red suit below.

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