Deadpool Rating Officially Confirmed

It’s been talked about for as long as The Deadpool movie has been rumored, then really was talked about when the movie was confirmed. Will Deadpool be rated “R” like most fans want or will it be rated “PG-13”? Well yesterday Fox confirmed that Deadpool will indeed be rated R and they did it in a way that was very befitting of the Merc With a Mouth. This video is definitely a must watch and was perfect for April fools day yesterday.

The great part about this April Fools day prank was that it had two parts. First, Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds tweeted that it would be rated PG-13 but that this rating would not have a negative impact on the movie. For many of us that saw this we were pretty bummed but were probably willing to except this because we were just glad that the movie was finally getting made. Check out his tweet below.

deadpoolcapture01The second (and best) part of this prank is of course the video released by JoBlo Movie Trailers. It’s disguised as an interview featuring Extra’s Mario Lopez and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Of course they talk about the rating for the movie, but an unexpected guest shows up to put an end to the whole debate. All in all I’m feeling pretty confident about this movie and I love that Ryan Reynolds really seems to get his character.

So check out the awesome Deadpool video below which actually gives us an even better look at the movie costume. As Always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Are you excited about the fact that Deadpool the movie will be rated R and what are you hoping to see in it? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below…Enjoy!

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