Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

Call of Duty CAMPERS – ‘Royals’ Parody (Video)

I think by now most of us have moved on from the nightmare that was Call of Duty: Ghosts. Honestly, I have pretty much moved on from the night mare that is Call of Duty. It started off great and innovative and now (in my opinion) it just seems like the same recycled bullshit for a $120.00 price tag if you want all the DLC. Anyways getting back to my original thought, since we’ve all pretty much moved on from COD: Ghosts I think we can look back at it and have a good laugh.

Super Mario Toothpick Art (Video)

This is absolutely amazing. Someone took the time using thousands of tooth picks and five days to recreate the start screen of arguably the most famous video game of all time. No matter what anyone thinks, the importance of the original Super Mario Brothers game to the gaming industry can not be denied. The owner of Kohei Inoue YouTube channel shows us a video of their masterpiece and some of the steps it took to create such an awesome piece of gaming art.

Coffee I Need or Kill You I Will

Seriously, there might not be enough coffee for this Monday. I blame my weekends. They are so good and relaxing, even if I have work around the house to do…But then Monday shows up to ruin it all. I stay up too late on Sundays and by the time I actually get to sleep it’s already Monday. I actually thought I would get to bed a little early this Sunday since the Walking Dead wasn’t gonna be on, but of course not. Anyways, happy Monday Nerd Nation 😉