Daily Archives: April 5, 2015

Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Happy Easter from your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Now these are definitely my personal favorite. The MMRP easter eggs were cool, but these definitely win hands down. Plus it looks like they just used permanent marker or something like that to decorate them. I am by no means the best artist, but I think I could possibly do some of these. I think I like the full Spider-Man mask the best though. Again, I hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday

MMPR Easter Eggs

These are really cool and I had to post them. I wish I could have made my Easter eggs look like this when I was a kid. Hell, I wish I could make my Easter eggs look like that now. Whoever did these obviously has a lot of talent and a lot of patients. Both qualities that I don’t possess haha. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday with family and enjoys the rest of the weekend. Happy Easter Nerd Nation.