The Walking Dead Episode 514 Review and 515 Sneak Peek

Man last night’s episode was a complete head trip. If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead Episode 514 which premiered last night then you will probably want to do that first before you continue reading this post. SPOILER ALERT! Great shows like this have a way of easing you into a false sense of security just so they can rip it away from you in the most horrific way possible. Ever since Rick and the gang have been safely tucked away behind the walls of Alexandria I think we all sort of let are guard down a bit. Last night The Walking Dead made us sorry we ever did that…

I’m not going to give a complete recap of the show but instead just hit on some of the main events of last night’s episode. That being said, when I saw Glenn, Tara, Noah and Eugene heading out with Aidan and Nicholas I knew those two idiots were gonna end up getting either themselves or one of the group killed. Unfortunately I was right as I’m sure most of you were as well. Aidan and Nicholas are so reckless and inexperienced that they ended up firing shots at a walker that was armored and strapped with a couple grenades. Needless to say that triggered a large explosion which left Tara badly injured and Aidan impaled on a couple of metal bars.

nie5gu5hf8nbpkanfhzyTara survived her injuries but her fate is still yet to be determined. Aidan on the other hand was not so lucky. After a failed attempt by Glenn and Nicholas to remove him from the metal bars Nicholas took off and left his friend and the group behind to try and save himself. Right then I knew Glenn should have just put one in Aidan’s head because I think that would be a better option than leaving him there to be walker food. I guess it provided a bit of a distraction so they could end up getting trapped with Nicholas in a revolving door. Eventually that shit head screws up the plan yet again and the worst scene that has been experienced in a while on this show happened to Noah.

While Glenn and Noah were trying to break the glass so Glenn could get the ammunition from Nicholas, Nicholas panics and slips out a gap in the door leaving Glenn and Noah to fend off walkers. Unfortunately Noah is grabbed by several walkers and is pulled to the other side of the door and Glenn is forced to watch as he is ripped apart in what is one of the most gruesome deaths we’ve seen so far. Just before Noah is killed however, he says to Glenn , “Don’t Let Go”. There are several things this could mean but I think that he meant don’t let go of the dream that is Alexandria or somewhere like it, and Don’t let go of your humanity.

8b62a122-75ae-08ff-58a0-8e7c39780b10_TWD_514_GP_1020_0144-1940x1294Nicholas tries to leave with the van but Eugene and his newly acquired balls, stops him long enough for Glenn to show up. This is where I am a bit confused by his actions. Glenn just witnessed what would be considered a friend die in front of him as a result of Nicholas’ actions. Instead of killing him or leaving him behind to suffer the same fate as Noah and Aidan, Glenn punches Nicholas to the ground and merely knocks him unconscious. He tells Eugene to help him get Nicholas in the back of the van and they take off back to Alexandria. Again, this course of action makes no sense to me. This little weasel can now go back and tell everyone that Glenn and his group are to blame for the deaths because we already know he will do anything to save his own life.

However, I’m not sure the people of Alexandria can really do anything to Rick and his crew because they seem to all be made up of inexperienced cowards. Abraham had a similar experience during last night’s episodes where he and a crew were out gathering materials to extend the walls of Alexandria. They got into a little trouble with some walkers and the crew foreman  tries to leave one of his crew behind to save his own life. Abraham jumps into action, saves the young woman, and takes over as foreman. Speaking of cowards, the biggest one of all has decided to show his true colors. Father Gabriel has been noticeably absent from recent episodes but definitely made his presence known last night.

father-gabrielIn a very unexpected turn of events Father Gabriel goes to Deanna (matriarch of Alexandria) and reveals to her that he believes that Rick and his group are dangerous and can not be trusted. A complete Judas move if I’ve ever seen one. He betrays the group that has kept him alive this entire time. He tells Deanna that they have done unspeakable things and are too dangerous to keep in Alexandria. He says they are bad people and that “I wish I’d just come forward sooner”. The only reason I can think that he did this was because he is afraid that his secret will be revealed to Alexandria and they would most likely (or at least he thinks) banish him for his unspeakable act. Luckily Maggy heard the whole thing so I can’t wait to see what happens when she tells Rick and the others.

There was a lot more that went on in last night’s episode but those were definitely the moments that had me in disbelief. With only two more episodes left in this season you can bet that shit is going to hit the fan real quick. As always I want to hear your thoughts Nerd Nation. What are some of your predictions for the group and the end of season 5? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter. Oh and enjoy this sneak peek and next week’s episode of the Walking Dead.

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