The Simpsons Minecraft Intro/Springfield (Video)

I’m not really a big player of Mine craft, but my kids are and they love it. I’m always impressed with the things they build in it. As I’m sure most of you avid gamers know The Simpsons content pack for Minecraft dropped last month. It came with several Simpson characters that you could play as including Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Marge. 19 other playable characters are available in this latest DLC but unfortunately there is no Springfield world. Well that won’t stop crafty minecrafters (see what I did there) from making their own Springfield. Besides creating new worlds is most of the fun…

Bearly Regal has taken his crafting skills to a whole different level. He has taken it upon himself to recreate the entire town of Springfield and the classic opening scene to the Simpsons TV show. It’s not the most accurate thing in the world mainly due to the restraints of the game, but it’s still pretty good. I think what I am most impressed with is the detail of the town and all the buildings. I’m not entirely sure how many hours he put into building Springfield but he did say it was spread out over a period of a month.

It turned out great so be sure to check out the two videos below. One is the recreated intro and the other is the interactive tour of Springfield. As always let me know what you guys think of this by leaving me a comment below, on the Facebook page or on the Twitter page…Enjoy!


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