Real Life Shadow of Mordor (Video)

Orcs have left Middle Earth to invade our own world, all in hopes of revenge against a Ranger… This is a pretty funny little prank/fan film based on the LOTR Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor video game. The best part is that they filmed this all right here in my home city of San Diego. You can definitely tell that people were surprised but it was all in good fun. That’s when pranks are the best, when no one gets crazy pissed or hurt. This turned out great!

So the guys from Mega64 dressed up as Orcs and a Ranger from Lord Of The Rings: Shadows of Mordor, and went around staging battles and scaring locals. The make up effects and costumes are pretty spot on and whoever plays the Orcs does a perfect job, especially with the voices. I totally recognize some of the spots that they were filming at and wished that I could have been there to see this all happen. I probably would have tried to battle them too 😉

Anyway, check out this pretty cool LOTR Shadow of Mordor prank/fan film. As always I want to hear from you Nerd nation so feel free to leave a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on my Twitter page…Enjoy!

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